Brand Protection

Our team has the technology and expertise to reinforce your brand and products to fight against counterfeit.
LK Forensic Competencies provides tailored product and brand protection solutions and services to industry with the aim of ensuring product and supply chain integrity. We provide you with the newest security solutions to protect your brand and documents against fraud.


We work with our clients to tailor an appropriate solution for Products and Packaging Protection using high-end technology covering different areas of the industry
> Food and Beverage
> Pharmaceutical Products
> Medical Devices and Implants
> Luxury Goods (watches, leather goods, fashion products)


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We offer multi-level product and packaging protection solutions by combining a wide spectrum of authentication, identification and tamper-evidence elements.
Our innovation efforts in this domain allow us to have comprehensive solution portfolio helping our customers to protect their products from:
> Illicit reproduction
> Product substitution
> Tampering
> Packaging reuse and refilling
> Product adulteration, contamination
> Diversion
> Dilution


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We accompany our clients using a step-by-step approach to cover all the risks against fraud and counterfeit.
LK Forensic Competencies collaborates with its clients during the complete lifecycle of the project. Our proposed methodology comprises several steps:
1. Analysis with the client to evaluate the solution that meets best its needs (identification of solutions)
2. Conception of potential solutions
3. Prototyping or piloting
4. Trial
5. Deployment and industrialisation

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