We provide you with tailored innovative solutions against industrial product counterfeit and document falsification.
LK Forensic Competencies offers a versatile support in the field of document protection, brand protection, security printing, as well as forensic training, consulting and expertise. Our pool of partners allows us to provide and implement your solutions using the latest technologies in the field of document and brand protection.

We tailor security solutions and forensic services to our client's needs.
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With more than 30 years of experience in the field of forensics, our team can provide you with a vast array of specialised services and expertise.
+ We offer professional consult as well as legal expertise regarding fraud resistance of documents and materials.
+ We provide courses and training in the field of document verification, forensic document examination, as well as forensic control techniques and detection methods.
+ We advise and assist on the set-up of forensic facilities, such as document examination laboratories.


Working closely with our clients and partners to deliver tailored solutions using state-of-the-art technology, our team is specialised in providing advisory and expertise against document fraud and product counterfeit.
+ We advise governments, private companies and industries for the integration of security solutions with the aim to increase the fraud resistance of documents and products.
+ We provide assistance and expertise to consolidate and integrate solutions for authentication, identification and traceability of documents and industrial products.
+ We work step by step to integrate graphic aspects of security elements into the initial or new design(respect of corporate logo, colours, size, position, forensic signatures).
+ Our solutions can be implemented over three levels of authentification:
     - Level I: Feature apparent to the naked eye
     - Level II: Feature requires devices for detection such a UV light or magnification
     - Level III: Detection of the feature requires special equipment, forensic knowledge and instruments.

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