Forensic Services & Training

With more than 25 years of experience in the field, our expertise in the forensics area allow us to provide our clients with training and consult to prevent fraud and counterfeit.
The strength of our training offers is the ability to tailor solutions to accommodate specific continuing professional development requirements of the customers. The courses are accessible to the public and private sectors and the content can be adapted to the level and interest of the participants and customers.


We offer our clients training, as well as general and specific courses within our expertise in the forensic field .
Our innovation efforts allow us to have the expertise to specialise in multiple area of the forensic domain :

General Coursesses > Verification of ID Documents
General Coursesses > Secure a Document

Specialised Courses > Verification of Currency
Specialised Courses > Awareness of Document Fraud and Verification
Specialised Courses > Currency Verification & Document Fraud
Specialised Courses > Handwriting Examination
Specialised Courses > Document Examination Techniques

Over the past few years, LK Forensic Competencies has worked towards making sure our clients are up-to-date and are aware about the most recent cases and technologies in the forensics field.
We provide our clients with forensic consultancy and expertise in multiple areas of the field:
> Forensic assistance and advice in relation to legal cases for the legal community as well as for the private sector and private individuals in need.
> Forensic document and handwriting examination and expert opinion for the legal community.
> Consultancy and project management for forensic laboratory set-up and implementation as well as advice regarding the qualification of the staff and specialists.
> Consultancy for security documents in relation of the integration of security elements and their fraud resistance as well as and their verification.
> Consultancy for training and education.

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