Document Protection

Our team at LK Forensic Competencies has more than 35 years of combined expertise in the document protection field. We offer our clients multi-level security solutions to protect all types of documents.
Nowadays the availability of reproduction tools such as copiers, scanners, software and portable telephone devices makes the task of fraudulent action easy and accessible to everyone.

LK Forensic Competencies provides ideas and innovation and offers the most advanced solutions for the protection of government or private sector documents. The solutions can be integrated in an existing document or built in together with a security design. We also provide assistance from the scratch of a document concept or improvement of a protected document.

Governmental Documents
> Travel Documents
> Driver's Licenses
> Excise Stamps
> ID documents
> Visas

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Commercial Documents
> Travel tickets, event tickets
> Parking authorisations
> Warranty Documents
> Student ID Cards
> Vouchers

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